The Pandemic Begins….

Latest News:

New for 2015, Amateur Division is no longer a competitive division.  In order to eliminate “gaming” and offer the best possible match experience for the many new shooters who attend this match, we have decided to make this a non-competitive division.  Amateur division will  no longer recognize Division winners or Category winners (Lady, Junior, Senior, Super Senior).  We have also eliminated capacity and firearms configuration rules  for Amateur Division so it is truly a “run what ya brung” division.  Whether you decide to shoot a revolver, M1 Garand, and stock 870 pump or a custom STI, tricked out AR & a Saiga shotgun, you will be shooting for the experience, not for trophies.  The value of prize table for Amateur Division will be the equivalent of past years, but prize distribution will be 100% random draw, so regardless of how you shoot, lady luck will determine when you walk the table.

We added slightly more emphasis on the competition in Tactical Division and Open Division.  More shooters will now have a chance to walk the prize table based on the standings.  No more than 5% of the prizes will be distributed based on score, within applicable divisions, so most of the prizes will still be given out randomly.



The cities fell first. Their glass and concrete canyons filling with the mindless river of the undead. Zombies shuffling in a slow, relentless current until humans were swept away.

Those who could, fled the confines of the cities before the conquest of the Zombie army was complete. In the open country, humanity found scattered, temporary sanctuary against the growing hordes of undead.

But the numbers are overwhelming. The Zombies are a sea of flesh-eating darkness. A rising tide that covers the countryside. A tsunami of terror sweeping over the open fields, each victim in turn becoming part of the advancing storm.

The still-living continue to retreat, retrench…fight to live through another night….another day.

In the Heartland, with the Zombies closing in on all sides, humanity has been trapped in one final enclave of hope. One final stand against the darkness. One final chance to live.

Among the sturdy berms of Nebraska soil piled high at Heartland Public Shooting Park, those who remain alive are hunkered down. Armed with pistols, rifles and shotguns…this is where humanity will make it’s final bid for survival.

During the long nights, the Zombie horde moves ever closer.

During the long days, the last remnants of humanity prepare their defense.

The final battle between the still-living and the undead is drawing near.

As darkness ebbs on the Cornhusker State, will you stand with us, against the hordes of flesh eaters that are mobilizing on our borders…

…Civilization is calling. Will you answer?

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